It’s National Coffee Day! Try Scoring a FREE Brew

National Coffee Day is a day when all coffee lovers like us celebrate our love for coffee! Establishments like Dunkin’ Donuts, Peet’s Coffee, and many more all have very exciting offers that we can take advantage of on this very special day! 

Keep reading to find out more about this noteworthy occasion and some exclusive offers that coffee shops have!

What and When is the National Coffee Day? 

National Coffee Day, or September 29th of every year, is when the United States celebrates coffee. On this day, we support local coffee farmers and establishments to show them our appreciation for making coffee available to us.  

Though National Coffee Day may be celebrated on a different day for other countries, it is the same in the sense that it is a day used to advocate and promote our favorite caffeinated drink. 

Thankfully, to unify coffee lovers around the world, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) declared October 1 of every year as the International Coffee Day. 

How to Celebrate National Coffee Day

On the best day of the year, the simplest way for coffee lovers to celebrate is to enjoy a cup of coffee and learn more about it. Most coffee shops offer discounts and even FREE COFFEE on this day! 

Going to your favorite coffee house.

National Coffee Day is another excuse to visit your favorite coffee house and enjoy the atmosphere, conversations, and, of course, coffee. On this day, big and small establishments alike offer special deals to make it more affordable for everyone to have a cup of java. 

Here’s how some of the many popular coffee chains contribute to this day:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts is providing its Dunkin’ Reward members with a FREE medium-sized hot or iced coffee on any purchase. Plus, they collaborated with Little Words Project to create an adorable line of coffee lovers’ bracelets’, made available for $30 each. 
Photo Credits to Dunkin’
  • Krispy Kreme, with its revamped roasts and blends, is giving a COMPLETELY FREE cup of coffee! Customers can get a medium hot or iced coffee no extra purchase is necessary. 
Photo Credits to Business Wire
  • Peet’s Coffee pioneers a new “Disloyalty Program.” For the first time, members of its rivals’ rewards programs, like Starbucks, can use points earned elsewhere to score a free brew at Peet’s. 
Photo Credits to Peet’s Coffee

If you want a more specialized brew, try your local specialty shop and see if you can score a free/discounted brew as well! 

Trying something new

Actively celebrating National Coffee Day is also an excellent opportunity to try some kinds of coffee that you never had before! Choose a red eye, a flat white, or a delicious dessert drink like affogato! 

Or, if you brew at home, try a new brewing method! If you’re used to making coffee with a French press. Maybe it’s time to try something like Pour-Over or Aero Press! Give yourself a little bit of a challenge! You’ll have so much fun!

Learn more about Coffee.

One’s coffee journey never ends. What makes a good quality coffee bean? Which method is most suitable for a darker roast? What is the difference in taste profile of  Ethiopian and Costa Rican coffee? 

The good news is Starbucks Coffee is hosting a free coffee-tasting session led by certified Coffee Master baristas at select locations across the United States. 

Photo Credits to Starbucks

They are also releasing a new line of Starbucks Reserve Roastery-Inspired Microblends, which all reflect the essence of the six cities of each Starbucks Reserve Roastery. You can learn more about coffee in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Milan, Tokyo, and Shanghai through trying this. 

So what are you waiting for? Develop your palette by enjoying coffee on this very day!  There is just so much to learn!

Wrap Up!

Coffee gives us a bright, energetic day, and we enjoy its flavor and taste, contributing to more happiness in our lives! On this National Coffee Day, don’t forget to celebrate coffee for making our lives better!

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