Can You Froth Creamer? Here’s 4 EASY Ways

Wondering whether you can froth creamer at home? 

Quick answer: Yes, you can! It follows the same process as you do with milk! 

But not all kinds of creamer are suitable for frothing, and is there a simple way to froth creamer easily and quickly without needing to pay for an expensive machine?

Here, I’ll guide you on how you can easily froth creamer by introducing some simple techniques.  I’ll also teach you how to distinguish the types of creamers that you can froth. 

Keep reading to find what’s right for you!

How Can You Froth Creamer?

Essentially, the goal is to incorporate bubbles into the creamer to create a soft, fluffy microfoam (1). You can froth creamer with different kinds of devices. Here, you’ll find out what they are and how to use them. Check them out, and let me know which works best for you in the comments! 

Using an Electric Milk Frother

Electric frother

Pros: Fast, Convenient
Cons: Pricey

The most convenient way to froth creamer is to use electronic frothers.  Plus, it is designed to create a suitable temperature to produce the perfect foam.

By simply pressing the button and waiting a few seconds, it saves you so much time in preparing coffee.

Using a Handheld Frother

Hand frother

Pros: Affordable, Portable
Cons: Needs Patience

Unlike an automatic frother, a handheld frother is much more budget-friendly. It’s a good choice if you want to be involved more in the enjoyable frothing process. Moreover,  it’s lightweight and perfect for traveling.

To use the handheld frother, turn the device on and draw small circles on the preheated creamer. Do this for about three minutes to achieve a dense mouthfeel foam.

Steamer Wand

Pros: Easy to use
Cons: Very Costly

Most espresso machines include a steamer wand, which produces a temperature-controlled, pressurized steam. It’s also super easy to use, but it’s not worth purchasing an expensive espresso machine just for froth creamer! (Unless you like making your espresso, of course)

Regardless, it’s just as easy as putting the wand inside a milk-frothing pitcher to start creating bubbles. Make sure to heat your milk!

Common Kitchen Devices

You can also froth creamer even if you don’t have this specialized equipment.  With just your standard kitchen devices, such as a blender or a whisk, you can achieve excellent results; but not to sugar coat, it comes with certain drawbacks.

Immersion Blender. You can simply use an immersion blender to froth creamer. The difference between them and frothers is that they are much bulkier and tend to form denser foam with larger bubbles. After all, they are multi-functional kitchen hacks that ideally save kitchen space!

Whisk. Another kitchen tool you can use to make frothed creamer is a whisk. But, honestly, if you’re going to use this, get ready for an upper-body workout. Whisking would take long and require lots of muscle to get the desired results.  

French Press. You can froth silky, coffee-shop-like creamer with a French press! Simply, pour the warm creamer into it, then rapidly plunge up and down for about a minute. Raising the plunger brings in more air, which could result in foamier creamer.

What types of cream can or can’t you froth?

You can froth most kinds of creamer, including heavy whipping cream, non-dairy cream, and plant-based cream; if you have powdered creamer, dilute it with water before frothing.

However, I do not recommend store-bought coffee creamers like Coffee Mate, which contain artificial sugar and oils, because these creamer concoctions tend to separate and can cause a build-up on your steaming spout. For the best results, buy natural dairy cream or milk. 

The Bottom Line

Frothing creamer is not a problem! You can also do it in various ways, even in the comforts of your own home!

An electric frother is the most convenient way to go, while a handheld frother is a much more affordable. If you already have an immersion blender, a whisk, or a French press, you can also use that to make frothed creamer. 

Happy frothing!



Should you heat the creamer before frothing?

You can froth the creamer both hot and cold, depending on whether your drink is hot or cold. If you are going to make a hot drink, heat your creamer to 55 °- 62 °C (131 °- 143.6 °F) before frothing, and you don’t need to heat the creamer when making cold drinks.

How do I know if I have achieved the perfect foam?

You can distinguish whether you have made the foam perfectly by observing its texture, color, and the presence of microfoam inside. Ideally, the foam should have a silky, delicate texture with a creamy white color with no large bubbles.

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